Greifswald International Students Festival 2016 - Sea: the Future. Discovering the Ocean Current

The Greifswald International Students Festival (GrIStuF) is a biannual festival hosted by volunteers in North East Germany. Its aim is to connect students from all over the world in dialogue beyond nationalities, race or religion. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas and enables discussion on current topics. This years theme Sea: the Future. Discovering the Ocean Current will put in focus the state of our oceans, their role on energy, trade, or culture, as well as issues like migration and the ocean's pollution.

Under the motto "Sea: the Future" we are already looking forward to the next Greifswald International Students Festival 2016! From 4th to 11th of June 2016 approximately 150 students from all over the world will be hosted in Greifswald to deal with workshops concerning the oceans - suitable for the 21st century that is better known as the century of the sea. We will focus on topics like environment including pollution and energy, but also cultural perspectives, migration over the sea and ecological  aspects. Cultural events such as films, music and party that suit the motto will complete the programme. You can find more information on the workshops here.

We from GrIStuF e. V. are looking forward to one week full of intercultural connection and worldwide international communication.

Greifswald International Students Festival 2014

From our point of view it seems to be so unreal: One and a half year of preparation, one and a half impressive week after the first participant arrived and now? The Greifswald International Students Festival 2014 is simply over, it is past.

Actually we wanted to keep all of you here, just for a few more days (or much much longer). Well, we simply want to say at this point: Thank you so much for the wonderful time with you! We will keep you in mind and hope that you will remember the other participants, Greifswald as well as the GrIStuF team for a really long time.

Take care of yourself and keep riding on the pony,

your GrIStuF 2014 team


GrIStuF Aktuell

GrIStuF 2016 Application

The application period for the upcoming festival is over. Unfortunately, we can not consider any late applications. We are happy about the huge interest and will send out the official invitations to our 150 chosen participants in March.

Die Online-Anmeldung für das GrIStuF 2016 ist seit dem 15. Januar beendet. Die Zusagen werden im März versendet.

GrIStuF kennenlernen

Herzliche Einladung! Wir treffen uns immer mittwochs ab 20h in unserem Büro in der Bahnhofstraße 44 (Polly Faber).Wenn du uns kennenlernen oder mehr über das Festival, Running Dinner und die Fête de la Musique lernen möchtest, komm gerne vorbei.

GrIStuF 2016

"Sea: the Future. Discovering the Ocean Current" ist das Motto des kommenden GrIStuF. Wir freuen uns und planen ganz fleißig um vom 4.-11. Juni 2016 wieder 150 Studierende aus aller Welt in Greifswald begrüßen zu können.

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