The Greifswald International Students Festival (GrIStuF) is a biannual festival hosted by volunteers in North East Germany. Its aim is to connect students from all over the world in dialogue beyond nationalities, race or religion. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas and enables discussion on current topics. This year’s theme “Borders” will put in focus political borders but also personal lines and limits that occur in our daily life.

Under the motto "Beyond Borders - Where are Your Limits" we are already looking forward to the next Greifswald International Students Festival 2018! From the 16th to 23rd of June 2018 approximately 150 students from all over the world will be hosted in Greifswald to deal with workshops concerning borders and limits in every imaginable way.We will focus on topics like personal borders (for example in theater), political borders and the Utopia of a world without borders, the internet as the first world without borders, cultural borders…
Cultural events such as films, the “Fête de la Musique” and parties will complete the program. You can find more information on the workshops here.

Application for the festival will be possible from the beginning of December.


We from GrIStuF e. V. are looking forward to one week full of intercultural connection and worldwide international communication.