Frequently Asked Questions - GrIStuF 2020

Yay, you want to apply for the next Greifswald International Students Festival!

It is an exciting thing to do and we want to make sure your application is without any problems. This is why we have collected a list of FAQ here for your to consult. If you still need help, you can send us an email to help[@]
Please read through this page first and only write us an email if you cannot find the answer in our FAQ.

Please note that applications will open earliest in October 2019 - until then: Save the date - 5th to 13th of June 2020.

The next Greifswald International Students Festival will be from the 5th to the 13th of June 2020.

To participate in the Greifswald International Students Festival 2020 you have to be at least 18 years old and enrolled at a college/university on the first date of the festival in summer 2020. Other applications can not be considered.

Applications are going to start in October 2019 earliest.

All applicants will be notified about the result of their application by e-mail. Please check your spam and promotion folder, too, since some mail programs seem to cause trouble. If you have not received any e-mail you can send us a message and ask for your result.

There is no age limit for applications. However, as you need to be an enrolled student in order to participate, we might be suspicious if your indicated age seems too old to be a student. We may ask you to provide a certificate of enrolment.

Applications are going to start in October 2019 earliest.

No, for GrIStuF 2020 we accept applications from students all over the globe.

To apply for participation in the festival you have to register as an applicant on our database.
Please be aware that it is not enough to simply register at the database, but the application form has to be filled out and sent. During the application you must fill in the form and write a letter of motivation.

Firstly, answer the questions you find in the application form. You will need to choose one of the workshops and tell us exactly why you are interested in this workshop. Please also tell us why you want to come to Greifswald and how you will contribute to the festival. If you have been engaged with any kind of social or voluntary work please mention it, too.

Criteria for the choice of participants are the quality of your motivation letter and your extracurricular voluntary or social work. A third criteria will also be the language quality of your text.

All applications turned in until the deadline (yet to be announced) will pass an evaluation process during which they will equally be considered by members of the GrIStuF association team. This process takes time! If you get invited to our festival, you can start to plan your journey and if necessary apply for a visa at the responsible embassy or consulate general. In case you should decide not to participate in our festival please get back to us as soon as possible, so other students get the chance to join.

All information on your application need to be correct and honest. You must not use plagiarism. We hope and believe, that all our applicants are fair to each other. And trust us, we have noticed plagiarism and lies in the past.

Nothing. Participation of GrIStuF is free of charge. Furthermore, you will have free food, free accommodation and free entry to all activities. It’s a great deal, isn’t it?

Well. Yes and no. We can not pay for your travel expenses to Greifswald. You have to book all tickets yourself. You also have to pay for your visa. However, we try to refund at least some of your travel expenses.

We might provide a refund of up to 50 €. It will be payed upon arrival in Greifswald and only if you can provide your original ticket (invoice with the following information is required: Adress [Full name, street, city, {zip code} ,{country}], price, date of purchase, currency, tax values) in latin characters. You do not have to apply for this travel refund. It cannot be payed in advance.

There might be...stay tuned, the team is still in the early phases of planning.

Participants will sleep with one of our hosts. Hosts are students or families in Greifswald who have a free bed, a cozy couch, or at least a space for an air mattress. Hosts are not Hotels. They are better! While you can probably not expect a super comfortable bed and room service, you will be welcomed with open arms and warm hearts. That’s better, right? In return, we expect you to be polite guests at your host’s place and respect that they welcome you into their homes and lives. 

Your hosts will provide you with breakfast. Lunch, dinner and in-between-snacks are provided by the GrIStuF team. Please make sure to let us know any allergies or food intolerances you might have, so we can make sure to provide the right food for you. We are very conscious about the impact we have on our planet and want to promote responsible, sustainable living. We therefore try to eat as much local and seasonal food as possible and avoid meat. Lunch and dinner will be mostly vegan or vegetarian.

tba - the topic team is already working on that one. If you have great ideas that suit the topic write us an email or via social media.

Contact us at help[@]

Please indicate

  • the reason for your problem
  • the embassy responsible for you visa application: webaddress, contact person, phone number or email address
  • any official reference number you have already received (e.g. the number of your application)