Unfortunately the application for the scholarship has ended.

Scholarship 2018

What’s the GrIStuF Scholarship?

The GrIStuF Scholarship is a travel fund for your trip to Germany to participate at the Greifswald International Students Festival 2018. It is meant to enable participation of applicants who could otherwise not afford to travel to Germany. Please read the following description carefully.

Who can apply?

The GrIStuF scholarship is for participants of the festival only. You can apply for the GrIStuF Scholarship if you have registered for the festival during the official timeframe which ended on January 28th and if you have been chosen as a participant and received your invitation e-mail on March 1st. You cannot newly apply for the festival through the scholarship if your original application has unfortunately been rejected or if you are new to GrIStuF altogether.

We trust in the fact that an amazing GrIStuF 2018 is our joint interest. And we don’t think money should stop great minds to share this experience. We want to use the available funds to support as many participants as possible who need the money to travel to Germany. Please ask yourself: is there a way you can afford to come to Germany with your own money? Could your parents, relatives or teachers help? Are there funds available from your University, the government, or a private foundation? Do you absolutely need the scholarship? If you do apply we won’t ask you for your current bank balance or your parent’s jobs. But please remember that honesty and fairness are very important values for us and we trust you to share them with us and all the other applicants.

Applying for the scholarship consists of two parts: a written motivation letter and a creative task. Read below what they require:

  1. Written motivation
    Under the following page you find the form for the motivation part of the application. Please tell us why you want to participate at GrIStuF 2018, what motivates you to come to Greifswald and how you will contribute to the festival and your chosen workshop. You can of course use your initial application as an inspiration for this. Please write 240-260 words. Not more, not less.
  2. Creative Task
    Additionally, we would like to see what you associate with the topic of GrIStuF 2018 “Beyond borders: Where are Your Limits?” and how you find new ways to express it. You have the choice to apply with a variety of different creative options: A picture, a video, a poem, a GIF or a song. Please make sure you fit the requirements stated under “Terms & Conditions for the creative Task”. Let your ideas flow freely, we are looking forward to see what you can imagine! With the creative task you can refer to any of the following questions, or any subject you feel is relevant to our upcoming festival: What is a border? What kind of borders exist? How can we overcome borders? How do borders change?

To have your application considered, your creative task needs either to be send to us as a file, in case you decided to create a picture, text or GIF at the next page. Uploads are only possible for files up to 2MB. Keep in mind the possible fileextensions mentioned at the upload field. If you have made a video or a song, please don’t send us a file, but rather upload it on the platform of your choice (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, a private server) and send us a link to the video (there is a field for that in the next page as well).

We will not consider any applications who are missing either the motivation or the creative part of the application process! Both tasks have to be fulfilled in order to apply.

If you are chosen for the GrIStuF Scholarship you will also have to prepare a presentation about your creative task and the GrIStuF topic during the festival week. We can provide information about this upon request to help@gristuf.org.

The GrIStuF scholarship is no „price“ or „reward“. Since the festival is already free of charge and you will receive free food, accommodation and insurance from us, the scholarship is only a travel fund. We organize GrIStuF in our free time, without any compensation for us and our budget is limited. Hence, the scholarship is no „pocket money“ for you to spend in Germany. It can only be used to pay for the expenses of a ticket to Germany and back. If you are chosen as a GrIStuF scholarship holder you have a choice: we either buy a ticket for you and send it to you, or refund you upon arrival in Greifswald. There will be no upfront payment to your bank account.

Our goal with the scholarship is to enable participation for as many participants as possible. In October 2016 we won a price and we promised to use it for this purpose. Let’s make the most of it together!

Applications for the scholarship will be taken in until March 25th, 11:59pm (GMT+1). If your application reaches us later than that it will not be considered. No exceptions.

The GrIStuF team will read and evaluate the scholarship applications until the end of March and notify the selected participants for the scholarship via e-mail at the beginning of April.

Yes. We will provide a refund of up to 50 €. It will be payed upon arrival in Greifswald and only if you can provide your original ticket (invoice with the following information is required: Adress [Full name, street, city, {zip code} ,{country}], price, date of purchase, currency, tax values) in latin characters. You do not have to apply for this travel refund. It cannot be payed in advance.

Have you read all the information above conscentiously and agree? Click here to apply